Pastor – Very Reverend J. Kenneth Walker, MCL, JCL
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor –
Adam Strange
Choir Directors –
Connie McAtee, Lynn Gee
Homebound Director, Liturgy, & Musical Ministry –
Deacon William Consley
Musical Ministry & Parish Outreach –
Paula Ringwald
Catechetical & Youth Director –
Jacqueline Esch
Business Manager –
Vicki Strange
Assistant to the Pastor for Liturgical Records & Schedules –
Mark Potts
RCIA Director:
Peter McDowell
Facilities –
Tom McAtee & Cam Ackerman
Cemetery Points of Contact –
Tom McAtee (St. John), Ken Lannan (St. Martin), Gerald Huelsman (St. Joseph),                                                                                                                   Richard Hopkins (St. Mary – Barr Township)